We’ve all heard of those Financial Planners… the glorified sales people, the ones hungry for commission who charge huge fees and deliver poor quality results… yep, they’ve really made a dent in this industry. Never fear, we’re here today for some REAL TALK around real financial planning. In this week’s episode of Business Uncut, host Reuben Bergola is joined by Wayne Kampen, Director of New Wave Financial Planning.

As a business owner or individual, do you find yourself asking… What are my profits best put towards? How can I diversify my investments (and therefore my risk)? Which investment option/s will give me the best return for my situation? And what about when this situation changes? These are all common questions shared by business owners across the board.

Listen as Wayne and Reuben address these queries, and talk about how you can find yourself a good financial planner, one who helps you establish your goals for life, and provides you with a roadmap to get there. As Wayne says “Just like with any goal or plan, the earlier you start planning that, the better outcome or result you can have.”

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