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Our Process

What can you expect from New Wave Accounting?

No one knows your business better than you. Our process with every new client is structured to get as much information about you, your business and what you need right from the start. Accounting evolves and we evolve with it. We want to know all the ins and outs so we can help you make sound financial decisions for growth and success. We have simplified our process into 6 simple steps:

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Step 1Initial Contact

Once you have made that all important first step in getting your business finance under control, one of our knowledgeable admin team will speak with you on a call or reply to your contact request via our website. From here you will be asked a few questions about your business, such as its structure, how many employees you have and what services you offer. And don’t worry! This is a simple 1 minute questionnaire all targeted at getting to know you and your business. What happens if we aren’t the right fit for each other? We will refer you on to another trusted expert who can help you.
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Step 2Discovery Call

We offer a 30 minute discovery call with each prospective new client to deep dive into your business and find out as much as we can to assist you. These calls are best conducted face to face or via a web meeting. We want to make sure you are comfortable with us and help you make the right decisions for your business. Questions you can expect during this meeting will centre around the structure of your business, where you are at this point and where you want to be going forward.
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Step 3Review Previous Returns
(Not for start-ups)

We will request copies of your prior documents and records of tax returns for review of the prior 2 years to understand how your financials are set up and how we can improve them to optimise your chosen outcomes. As this is a review of past records, this service would not be applicable to a start-up business. This is a free service unless we find ways to optimise your financial position, at which time a $500 fee is payable while we go to work on presenting you options on better outcomes.
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Step 4The Proposal

Not the sparkly kind, but a document outlining recommendations and how we will go about helping your business. This document will include:
- Pricing – all inclusions
- How our team will work for you
- A face to face or web meeting so we can go through the proposal and make sure you understand it. This is also an opportunity to ask questions and modify agreed points. We let you go and have a think about your options and what we have presented to you before signing on the dotted line.
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Step 5Client Induction

We have a number of services available to all our clients and we strive to make sure you understand and take full advantage of what is on offer to you. An induction is an opportunity to talk about what we have agreed to do for you and how our other services may be of value. We will start with an onboarding meeting where we explain your current position and where things lay at the time of engaging New Wave services. We will explain our plan for the next 12 months considering the already discussed situation of your business. Another opportunity for you to ask questions and seek clarification
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Step 6Ongoing Relationship

Every client and case is different. After the implementation of your financial plan we will keep in touch regularly or as required to make sure everything is on track. We will also send regular emails containing information pertinent to you as well as important updates. Of course, we encourage you to contact us at any time if you need assistance or advice.
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