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Crypto Investments and Tax

As specialist crypto accountants on the Gold Coast, we know our stuff when it comes to cryptocurrency. The use and investment into Cryptocurrency has increased over the years and will only continue to grow. 

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What is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency that uses cryptography for security, not backed by any government or central bank.

Cryptocurrencies operate on a technology called blockchain, which is a decentralised and distributed digital ledger that records transactions across many computer systems that allow for secure online payments and store of value. The most well-known cryptocurrency is Bitcoin, but there are many others, such as Ethereum, Litecoin, and Monero.

The ATO is watching Cryptocurrency

The ATO has put crypto holders on notice, stating crypto, DeFi, and NFT trading activities are in the ATO’s crosshairs. If you’ve traded any crypto over the past financial year, it can be daunting trying to get all your transactions in one place.

The ATO has its eye on the prize when it comes to crypto investing. They’re spending a lot of time tracking and making sure correct declarations are made. With New Wave accounting for cryptocurrency on your side, you don’t need to be concerned if the ATO looks over your crypto portfolio.

New Wave has the Crypto Know-How

We’re a forward-thinking accounting firm with experienced crypto accountants. Given how new cryptocurrency is, we have a sound knowledge considering how much the space is still evolving and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

A lot of cryptocurrency tax agents out there are still learning how the crypto environment works in terms of what needs to be done, how to be compliant, and what to declare to the ATO.

New Wave crypto tax accountants are streets ahead in how cryptocurrency works. We use the best software for tax calculations, and we have a long list of happy clients we have helped manage their crypto investments.

We can tell you in simple terms what needs to be declared and what transactions you may have outstanding. Most accountants have dealt with crypto by now, but the question is, do they know how to deal with it correctly?

We pride ourselves in staying up to date with the new as well as existing rules coming out of the ATO when it comes to the crypto landscape. We have the knowledge and advanced software required to make sure all reporting and data collection is up to date.

How our crypto accountants can help

  • Setting up foundations and software to ensure that you are compliant
  • Preparing your end-of-your-year returns including the important calculation of the sale/trade of cryptocurrency
  • Provide you with tax saving strategies and advice to reduce the implications of tax paid.

It’s important to determine whether you are trading or investing in crypto as the tax considerations and implications will differ.

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Frequently asked questions

Each year, New Wave hosts a Charity Golf Day gathering Gold Coast business owners and professionals together to raise money and support local causes – see video of our latest event below. Our next event is currently scheduled for 2023. If you are interested in attending or want to get involved with sponsorships, get in touch with our office 07 5504 1999.

New Wave Accountants and Business Advisory is a modern accounting firm providing tailored business solutions to businesses on the Gold Coast and across Australia. We assist clients with: Accounting, Business Review, Cloud Software, Business Setup, Tax, BAS Compliance, Business Advisory & Growth, Management Accounting, and Virtual CFO services. At New Wave, our mission is to empower, excite, and build confidence in small businesses by providing clarity in their figures.

We do not currently offer tax returns for individuals only as we primarily support small to medium sized businesses. However, an individual’s tax return will be prepared by us if they have a business structure.

As Business Advisors, we don’t just focus on tax, but look at ‘out of the box’ strategies to start, grow, and scale our client’s businesses. We provide world class communication both internally and towards our clients.

  • We have saved more than $3.5 million in tax for our clients over the last 12 months
  • We are not your Traditional Dinosaur Accountant
  • We don’t charge by the hour
  • We specialise in Small Business

We are RESULTS DRIVEN Accountants. We are passionate about small businesses, and we truly believe we are making a difference through not only changing our clients’ lives but also the lives of our team members. We offer more than just tax but look further into how to improve profits, save tax, and maximise cashflow

Every business is different and therefore has unique requirements. You can start by booking a free initial consultation with one of our Accountants/Business Advisors to help us understand your requirements and come up with a plan to assist you and your business needs. To book a free consultation, please contact our reception on 07 5504 1999.

We understand small businesses and have worked with over 800+ businesses across various industries. We also provide tailored services for specific niches such as Ecommerce, Construction, Medical, and Allied Health.

We offer a $150+GST for 30-minute initial consultation with one of our Accountants / Business Advisors. To book, please contact our reception on 07 5504 1999.

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