In this revealing episode of Business Uncut, Shaneel, CFO and Partner of New Ways Accounting, and Ana, the Practice Manager, unravel the intriguing concept of a 30-hour work week strategy they have successfully adopted. They discuss how this unprecedented initiative boosts productivity, improves employee quality of life, and results in a happier and healthier workforce. This insightful conversation shines a light on the obstacles faced in implementing this strategy, the positives that came out of it, and the long-term benefits it holds for businesses and employees alike. This episode provides details about a Swedish study on work cycle productivity that inspired the concept. Anna explains how this study, coupled with her own observations on her productivity levels, led to the groundbreaking decision for New Ways Accounting. She discloses the unexpected benefits such as improved staff retention and reduction of sick leaves, which, in their view, outweigh the potential decrease in profits. Shaneel and Ana also delve into the surprising experience of implementing this strategy with their offshore team in the Philippines. They reveal how the employees showed no notable decrease in output or budget management despite the reduction in working hours, resulting in an overall improvement in work efficiency and satisfaction. An exploration into the cultural and organizational factors influencing their offshore team, as well as the potential role of AI and automation in facilitating similar strategies in the future, adds to the intrigue of this conversation. This unique episode, indispensable for business leaders and managers, presents a clear picture of the benefits of workplace change and offers insightful tips for accomplishing it.