All organizations – no matter the size or industry – stay alive based on two financial flows: the revenue and the expenses. You need to spend the right investments to earn money, but understanding how it comes in and goes out is crucial for the stability of your business.

That’s why creating a dedicated accounts payable department is paramount, especially if you want to stay on top of the company’s financial status. It also revolves around the expenses left unpaid by the enterprise, which means it tracks the date and ensures the money is cashed in a timely fashion.

An Overview on Accounts Payable Understatement

The goal is to lower the accounts payable days, but there can be complications in the process that can lead to costly consequences. If you find any marginal errors in the accounting records, this can result in your accounts payable becoming understated.

Any record-keeping mistakes can have serious repercussions on your financial handling, such as make your accounts appear like you have enough resources to pay creditors even if you don’t. This can lead to grave losses, so it helps to understand the common causes behind this flaw in your records:

Common Reasons Behind an Accounts Payable Understatement

1. Inventory Variances

Inventory purchases typically create an accounts payable balance, which should pen down the cost of goods. Any incorrect data in the record can lead to inventory variances, which results in an understatement of your accounts payable.

2. Incorrect Transaction Dates

All data entries on your accounts payable invoice must be logged with their corresponding transaction date. After all, recording the time, day, and month of every transaction ensures your business knows all outstanding accounts payable.

Tracking the money prevents you from being cash-strapped in the long run, so any errors with the transaction dates can lead to an accounts payable understatement for the month.

3. Incorrect Invoice Amounts

When the balance you put on journal entries are incorrect, which can result in a discrepancy in the record. Cross-checking accounts and balances – either manually or using accounting software – can do wonders for spotting these errors and avoiding an understatement in your accounts payable.

4. Incorrect Starting Balances

Logging in the wrong amount when starting a balance for a new accounts payable account can immediately result in an understatement, which happens often when you fail to enter a beginning balance for a starting vendor.

The Bottom Line: Understanding What Causes Accounts Payable to Be Understated

Understanding the culprit behind your accounts payable understatements is critical since it can reveal errors in your records. It’s also the stage that’s the most vulnerable to fraud, which is why hiring a seasoned and dedicated bookkeeper is key to ensure your accounts payable remain accurate to the letter.

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