Reuben Bergola

Managing Partner
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Reuben Bergola

Managing Partner

Reuben is the managing partner of New Wave Business Solutions. With over 11 years of public practice accounting experience on the Gold Coast. Reuben started his Small Business Accounting career at Swan & Baker (Now SB Partners).
From an early age, Reuben has been fascinated with businesses and with what makes them tick. He not only has experience as a chartered accountant but also an entrepreneur, owning several other businesses on the Gold Coast.

He started New Wave to break the mould of the traditional dinosaur accountant and to become innovators, forward thinkers, and true business advisors. To help others to understand the value of a business advisor and how they can help to start, grow and scale businesses.

Reuben is a Registered Tax Agent, Certified Chartered Accountant and a Certified advisor in Quickbooks Online and Xero.
Reuben is also a member of the Intuit Australia Advisory Board. He has received several industry awards throughout his career.

If you’re looking for a fresh mind with new ideas to assist your business Reuben and his team will be the right accounting partner for you.

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