With the ever-changing tax rules in Australia, it is hard to navigate and find the right advice on how to ensure that you are minimising the tax on your hard-earned profits!

In this episode, Reuben Bergola, Managing Director of New Wave Accountants and host of Business Uncut, sits down with Gold Coast Accountants Roland and Callum to discuss the important issues around Tax Planning and Minimisation for Small Businesses in 2023. 

To get in touch with Callum, Roland or a Gold Coast Tax Accountant and to book in a free initial consultation, call our office on 07 5504 1999 or visit our website new-wave.com.au 

There are four commonly used business structures in Australia: Sole trader, Partnership, Company and Trust. We recommend that all Business Owners take the time to understand the responsibilities of each structure because the structure you choose can have a big impact on the tax you’re liable to pay, asset protection and costs.

Perhaps you are set up as a Sole trader but now you’re business has blown up, and is growing more quickly than anticipated? Maybe you’re running multiple different businesses under the same entity? or maybe you haven’t considered how your assets would be protected if legal action was to be taken against you… how do you ensure that your assets remain safe?

In this episode, host Reuben Bergola, catches up with Rachel Hunter, Client Manager at New Wave with over 19 years of experience in the industry, to break down the different types of entity structures, and discuss the most common mistakes people make with structures. They run through the steps of choosing a “Risk-Taker” & an “Asset Holder” in your chosen structure, and how to best separate your business risks from your business assets.

As Business Advisors, we want to make sure that your business works for you, not just right now, but in the long run too. If you’re unsure about what structure is best for you, don’t delay in getting in touch with Rachel, Reuben or one of our Business Advisors today. Call our office on 07 5504 1999 or visit or website https://www.new-wave.com.au/ We offer a free 30-minute consultation.

Time is a luxury that most businesses don’t have… so how can business owners better manage the resources that they do have, and build better habits for success?

In this episode, Reuben Bergola, Managing Director of New Wave Accountants and host of Business Uncut, sits down with Senior Client Manager, Callum Farrugia. At only 25 years of age, Callum has fast tracked his accounting career at New Wave, putting his passion for people into practice as one of our amazing Client Managers. Callum and his team advise various clients spanning across multiple industries, helping to provide clarity in their figures, and supporting them to smash both their business and personal financial goals. A big fan of the gym and keeping fit himself, Callum provides his top 3 tips for staying “financially fit” and setting strong foundations for business growth.

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To get in touch with Callum and to book in a free initial consultation, call our office on 07 5504 1999 or visit our website new-wave.com.au

We’ve all heard of those Financial Planners… the glorified sales people, the ones hungry for commission who charge huge fees and deliver poor quality results… yep, they’ve really made a dent in this industry. Never fear, we’re here today for some REAL TALK around real financial planning. In this week’s episode of Business Uncut, host Reuben Bergola is joined by Wayne Kampen, Director of New Wave Financial Planning.

As a business owner or individual, do you find yourself asking… What are my profits best put towards? How can I diversify my investments (and therefore my risk)? Which investment option/s will give me the best return for my situation? And what about when this situation changes? These are all common questions shared by business owners across the board.

Listen as Wayne and Reuben address these queries, and talk about how you can find yourself a good financial planner, one who helps you establish your goals for life, and provides you with a roadmap to get there. As Wayne says “Just like with any goal or plan, the earlier you start planning that, the better outcome or result you can have.”

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To get in touch with Wayne email wayne@new-wave.com.au

Insurance… but not as you know it.

In this episode, Managing Director of New Wave Accounting and Business Solutions and host, Reuben Bergola, chats to Amanda Bird of New Wave Insurance.

Amanda embodies the spirit of community which shines through not only in our office, but through her client network, her family and her community sport involvement and activities too. With decades of experience in the insurance industry under her belt, Amanda now runs her own successful insurance business, New Wave Insurance, allowing her to combine her wealth of experience with her passion for helping people.

Don’t be fooled by the topic of this episode, we’re not covering insurance as you know it but rather, we’re diving into war stories, and some of the craziest things Amanda has come across in the industry.

If you would like more information about insurance or anything we discussed, contact Amanda by emailing Amanda@newwaveinsurance.com.au or give her a call at 07 5504 1999

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In this episode, for the first time, we chat with one of our New Wave team members.

Meet Alex – Country boy, our tallest Accountant*, Assistant Client Manager and avid AFL player.

Listen as Reuben and Alex discuss Alex’s journey from country Victoria to the sunny Gold Coast. Alex shares his advice for up-and-coming accountants, his experience with and passion for helping businesses and individuals in the Allied Health industry and his controversial opinion on RM Williams boots…

To get in contact with Alex, email alex@new-wave.com.au or visit our website new-wave.com.au for more information.

*to be confirmed

In this week’s episode, we take a deep dive into strategic planning for small business.

Founder of New Wave Group and host, Reuben Bergola, encourages listeners to plan with the end goal in mind. Too many times we have seen small business owners struggle to meet the demands of their businesses and lose sight of the future, leading them to get stuck in the daily grind, unable to escape the 9 to 5, and enjoy work-life balance as originally planned. Don’t become a prisoner in your own business: listen as Reuben discusses why you should be investing in yourself, how you should be strategically planning for your business, and just how much you can achieve if it’s done right.

If you need help with your business planning. Get in touch with one of our business advisors today. We offer a free 30 minute consultation – visit our website to book https://www.new-wave.com.au/

How should I structure my business for tax purposes? What registrations do I need for my new business, and when? Is insurance really necessary?

In this episode of the podcast, Directors of New Wave Group and owners of multiple businesses, Reuben Bergola and Shaneel Pforr, speak from their own experiences as they share the do’s and don’ts of setting up solid foundations of a new business.

Recommended Cloud Accounting Software: https://www.xero.com/au/

Best receipt keeping Apps that integrate with Xero: DEXT or Hubdoc

Book a free 30 minute consult with one of our business advisors here: https://www.new-wave.com.au/

Say goodbye to FY21 and hello to FY22!

Director of New Wave Accountants and Business Advisory, Reuben Bergola, shares his top tips for starting the new financial year fresh and setting up your business for growth. In this episode, we’ll cover off on the things you should be doing at this time of year and discuss why it’s important to: Prepare your returns early and stay on top of compliance; Look back and reflect on the prior financial year; and look forward with strategic planning, getting clear on what you are trying to achieve over the next 12 months.

If you would like some guidance on how to best plan for your business, visit our website https://www.new-wave.com.au/ to book a free consult with our business advisors today.

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